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Portal created in cooperation
with Lech Walesa Institute

The portal Solidarity with Cuba is dedicated to the civil society from Cuba - to the society that is growing with hope for the better future despite the atmosphere of constant threat and the repression.

We created this site as a space for Cuban defenders of civic liberties and human rights so that they could be heard by Poles, and in return, so that Poles could take up the dialogue in solidarity with Cubans. We write about social, political and economic situation in Cuba. Read about the real situation in Cuba - and take a voice.

Polish Solidarity with Cuba!

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Cuba-Travel: Conforming with the Possibility

I heard an interview with a young musician on a television program where he said, "We who have had the possibility of traveling." This made me think about something that's almost taken for granted here: For Cubans, traveling (like many other things) is only a possibility.


Cuban activist Dagoberto Valdés nominated for the Human Rights Tulip 2012

Through an official communication to the Human Rights Tulip secretary, Chris Collier, CADAL nominates Dagoberto Valdés, Director of the Convivencia Group (www.convivenciacuba.es) from Pinar del Río, Cuba.

No more deception, FREEDOM NOW

The government representing the military regime has denied Cubans the universal right to travel freely for more than half a century and still denies this right without any clear prospects towards change.



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   Hollywood specialists will help restore several Cuban classic films.

   Wynton Marsalis brings music, message to Cuba

  Tourism and Solidarity Guide to Cuba

If you go to Cuba, do it right!
Visitors to Cuba, lend your support!
  From Solidarnosc to Freedom

See the documentary "From Solidarno¶ć to Freedom" that depicts the story of this massive peaceful movement which altered the post-war order and brought about the democracy and freedom in Poland.


Conference "Can Cuba achieve freedom?"
Fidel Castro's birthday, December 2, 2006
Omar Perez Santana, Caricatures


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